Cellshock DDR2 1066 MHz CL5 2 GB Kit 1

Cellshock DDR2 1066 MHz CL5 2 GB Kit Review

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A Closer Look

Cellshock uses solid aluminum heatspreaders. These are held in place with real screws. These covers are made of solid aluminum and actually make installing the DIMMs much easier.

The front of the memory, which is visible from the outside of the retail package, features an engraved Cellshock logo, while the back holds a silver sticker with all the usual information.

Once the four hex screws are removed, we discovered a little surprise. Cellshock uses real thermal paste instead of frag tape to transfer the heat from the ICs to the spreaders. The model number and the various certifications of the PCB are also only visible when you remove the heatspreaders.
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