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Centon Rush USB 3.0 16 GB Review

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A Closer Look

Taking a first look at the Rush 3.0 flash drive, the overall build quality is alright. The plastic mold and the moving mechanism are working fine, but there are many other flash drives out there that offer better quality. Overall the Rush 3.0 is quite adequate in that department. A large "Rush" logo has been printed on the one side, while the other is completely clean, with no additional labels.

In terms of size, the Rush is rather short, but a bit "chubby". Compared to other USB 3.0 flash drives, it actually can be considered rather compact, nearing the size of modern USB 2.0 devices.

The USB connector is recessed, to protect it during your travels. You can clearly see the standard blue color of the connector when looking at it this way. Turning the Rush around, there is a tiny opening for the Aluminum clip. Interestingly enough, this opening is really small and the metal ring can only be forced through it. By doing so, you will scratch and damage the casing of the flash drive. It would have been good to see a slightly larger hole here.

To reveal the USB connector, simply slide the front cover toward the back. It doesn't really snap into place, so you have to make sure to hold it at the end of the casing when plugging it in. Otherwise the connector will slide back into the housing when wanting to attach the Rush to the PC.

Once you have forced the clip unto the Rush stick, it actually will come in quite handy like that. It is great to see this as most flash drives do not come with an adequate way to attach it to your key chain for example.

A red LED in the rear lights up when using the flash drive. It blinks to show the user, that data is being transferred between the host and the flash drive.
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