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Centon Rush USB 3.0 16 GB Review

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USB 3.0

As you can see the Centon Rush manages a very good 77.0 MB/s read speed. Write performance maxes out at well over 60 MB/s, but due to the repeated dips, the average ends up at just under 50 MB/s. The dips are most likely due to the controller used, but even the average attained is excellent in terms of write speed.

ATTO shows a similar picture, but also gives you an idea about the little impact these dips will have on real world performance, as the drive does nearly reach 60 MB/s write speed.

USB 2.0

Looking at USB 2.0, the Centon Rush manages to tickle everything out of the interface as the read speed is a constant 35 MB/s. In terms of write it is also excellent, as it pushes well past 30 MB/s on the majority of the flash storage, but the afore mentioned dips are present here as well. This is a sign that the issues do stem from the flash drive and not the host system. In the end it averages out at just over 25 MB/s - which is still good, but will put it in the midrange when compared to modern USB 2.0 flash drives.

That said, ATTO still shows what the drive is capable of, as it reaches the same maximum values as seen on HD Tach across the board. Overall the Centon Rush is a very capable flash drive.
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