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Cherry MX Board 6.0 Review

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Packaging and Accessories

Cherry has adopted a very clean aesthetic for packaging here on the front, and a black/red color scheme is used to just let people know the main points - the keyboard's name, layout, and the key switch used. Turn it over and this is where a lot of the details lie, including a printed illustration of the keyboard, its salient marketing features, and specs, and this continues on the sides in different languages as well. There are two seals over double flaps on the sides to help keep the contents inside in check.

Removing a set of the seals reveals that this was just an outer sleeve, and there is another cardboard box inside. This box is completely red and has a subtle glossy Cherry logo on one side. Open it and we see the keyboard in a protective sleeve that has a sticker reminding the user to update the firmware of the keyboard for it to be up to date with its features. The keyboard's cable is non-detachable, hidden in the cardboard compartment above, and removing the keyboard reveals the accessories underneath.

Included with the MX Board 6.0 is a multi-language manual that does a very good job of describing the keyboard's functionality, including the secondary functionality assigned to its function keys. There are also some subtle things to be aware of when it comes to the switches with dual-color LEDs, so I definitely recommend taking a look at the manual.

The wrist rest comes in a plastic wrap, which is a good thing, as I found out very quickly. It is easily the largest wrist rest I have ever used, and angled steeply as well. It attaches to the keyboard magnetically, which is great to use, but does mean that it can slide off more readily than most other wrist rests if you put a lot of downward pressure on it (which you should not be). There are several rubber pads on the underside to help provide some friction with the surface the keyboard (with wrist rest) is used on. The surface on front has a rubbery finish with grooves cut into it diagonally to have the MX writing everywhere, and the Cherry name and logo are on the bottom, engraved into a metal badge. While it looks great out of the box when you first take it out, the rubber surface is a big dust and grime magnet to where even finger oils get on it easily. The small grooves make it hard to clean easily as well, so you will want to dry it to then use an air duster for the best effect. This is not the best implementation of what was otherwise a good concept.
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