Cherry MX Board Silent Review 12

Cherry MX Board Silent Review

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Packaging and Accessories

Cherry continues with their usual black and red color scheme for the product packaging, as well as having minimal details on the front. Here, we see the company and product name along with the respective logos only, and it is again on the back that we see more details, including an illustration of the keyboard itself. Marketing features and specifications continue here and on the sides, and we also see a large seal covering a single flap in the middle to help keep the contents inside in check.

Open the box and we see the keyboard itself with the cable hidden in the compartment at the top. Removing it, we get to take a look at the accessories that are provided with the MX Board Silent. There is a multi-language manual that briefly describes the keyboard's functionality, although I dare say this is one product you can safely go about using without having to refer to it. Also included here is a user's guide on any hazardous materials used in the product, and this appears to be present more to satisfy particular requirements for sale in China than anything else.

There is another accessory that comes with the MX Board Silent; however, we shall see it on the next page as it concerns the keyboard's connectivity options. As it is, this keyboard is extremely barebones when it comes to packaging and accessories.
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