Chieftec Nitro SPS-750C 750 W 32

Chieftec Nitro SPS-750C 750 W Review

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The PSU comes in a small package. On the front of the packaging there is a photo of the red PSU and a close up to the fan's badge. On the rear we find a picture of an engine with Nitro's fan residing in the middle. All in all the packaging exhibits a racing style theme, something natural since the PSU series is called Nitro!


Bubble wrapping is used for the PSU's protection. Nevertheless we think that some packing foam would offer additional protection since there is lot of void space in the box. Also the bundle was very poor, at least with our sample, since besides the PSU we only found a user's manual and the modular cables.


The SPC-750C features a red finish. The finish itself and in general the external quality of the PSU has not impressed us. It looked kind of cheap. Also we didn't like the fact that sleeving does not go all the way back into the housing, although the cables' exit hole is equipped with a grommet. Finally we noticed that the orange 3.3V wires that go to the main ATX connector showed some signs of damage close to the casing hole.
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