Chuwi SurBook 2 in 1 PC Tablet Review 8

Chuwi SurBook 2 in 1 PC Tablet Review

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Packaging and Contents

The boxes for all components offer very little protection, which is rather concerning. Not only that but information on these boxes is pretty much nonexistent with just the Chuwi brand and a few logos to brake up the plain brown cardboard exterior.

Everything is placed in plastic bags, while the HiPen Stylus is placed in foam. I was surprised to see a battery was in fact included, which is a nice touch to say the least.

Overall, the bundle is very much bare bones, but does include everything necessary to power up the system and use it as a fully functional laptop. Of course, if you only want the tablet, you can purchase just it for a bit less.
  • SurBook
  • Power brick
  • Keyboard with built-in trackpad
  • HiPen stylus
  • Manual
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