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Clar1tyOne EB110 Earphones Review

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The Package

The Clar1tyOne EB110s ship in a cardboard box which holds quite few accessories.

Bundle wise the EB110s are well off. They ship with a clam-shell semi-soft case and three sets of tips.

The clam-shell is complete with clip.

The three silicone tips pretty basic, but do a good job on the EB110 design.

Closer Examination

The EB110s feature a very neat all metal design. The sample we got for review is in gun metal grey which looks brilliant. The build quality is above what you would expect on a set of $119 set of in-ears, and it is definitely above that of Head-Direct products.

Surprisingly enough Clar1tyOne are not using any types of filters on the EB110. This could pose an issues since there is nothing in place to prevent debris or dry wax from tumbling down onto the drivers.

Cable wise the EB110s are very well off. It is tangle-free(-ish) and features a small remote that allows you to accept calls on your smartphone or pause / start playback. The cable is basically a two piece construction with an inner core with the leads, that is then covered by a woven sock that is molded into the clear polymer cable jacket.

Like any dynamic driver design the EB110s have a small vent located near the cable entry. There is a small strain relief in the cable entrance which should help reduce the strain on the cable and cable attachment inside the earphones.
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