Computex 2006: A-DATA Review 2

Computex 2006: A-DATA Review

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Our first coverage from this year's Computex comes from A-DATA.

A couple of days before Computex we heard about A-DATA showing off DDR3 at Computex, and here it is.

Even though it will be launched not so soon, A-DATA is getting ready to be able to deliver high-performance DDR3 modules once the platforms are available. As I am hearing this may not be in 2007, but in Q4 2006 already. So far the general speculation was that we see DDR3 in 2007 or maybe even 2008. Looks like someone pushed his plans ahead. Please also note that the chips are labeled as A-DATA, even though that they are made by Nanya.
The memory displayed here runs at CL7, which is "ok for DDR3". A fast latency of DDR3 would be CL5. The main advantage of DDR3 is that the clock speeds can be ramped up a lot higher. Shown here is DDR3-1333 but speeds of 1666 are well possible.

There is also a new product for good "old" DDR2 memory. The new Extreme Edition Series memory is a special picked version of the DDR2 memory which is optimized for maximum overclocking and Dual Channel performance. The modules come im matched pairs. As speeds DDR2-667, 800, 900 and 1000 are available. Please also note the new Vitesta logo in the middle of the memory sticks. I like it.

Another new A-DATA product is this USB stick with integrated fingerprint reader. It encrypts all data inside the flash chip, which means you can't just tamper with the circuit to retrieve the data. A nice solution for corporate users who need data security.

For users of SD memory cards A-DATA has thought up a new method of connecting them to the PC. A small USB connector is integrated inside the package and allows you to connect the SD card directly to the USB port of any computer. You will have immediate access to the data, there is no conversion or access software required.
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