Computex 2006: Scythe Review 3

Computex 2006: Scythe Review

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The Kama Connect is an ingenious little USB device. It offers connectivity for IDE and SerialATA devices. Connectors for everything you could imagine are included. On one side you find a port for a regular 3.5" IDE device, which includes CD-/DVD-drives. The other side has the connectors for 2.5" IDE notebook HDDs and a SerialATA port. Given the small size and universal compatibility this promises to be one of the more useful USB devices.

This must be the biggest VGA cooler ever made. Even though it is still a prototype you can see where Scythe is going with their design. A huge heatsink block that runs without fan is placed behind the VGA card.

The numerous coolers displayed here are existing products and new versions which support AM2. Scythe is very well known for their easy to use mounting solutions, they continue that philosophy with their AM2 mounting systems.

To improve their lineup of cooling solutions Scythe teamed up with manufacturers of fans to distribute their products directly to the end users. When asked, Scythe emphasized that they are focusing quiet fans and that they will take a good look at every product before relasing it so that it meets their standards.

These monster coolers with nine (!) heatpipes were designed to run in small form factor PCs without an active fan. To get good cooling performance you need to have sufficient airflow in the CPU area from case fans of course. The cooper version may not be happening too soon since "the Chinese buy so much copper on the world market, the prices go up and up".

At this year's Cebit, Scythe already presented their HDD casings. A new model for 2.5" notebook drives was shown here. Common features are that the disk noise is reduced a lot. Heat is moved to the outside of the case by HeatLane technology.
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