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Computex 2006: Silverstone Review

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A unique feature of the Temjin TJ07 is that it is made from one single slab of metal. During production an aluminum sheet is extruded and you end up with a long sheet of metal. In the next step the metal is bent twice to give you the curved design at the top and the bottom. Of course some rework is necessarry, because the metal flexes back a bit. This part is manual labour. This and the thick durable aluminum frame make this case a bit more expensive. But it's sure worth it if you are looking for something exclusive.

As evolution to the development and perfection of this process this external watercooling case "Tundra TD01" has been developed. It is made from one part again. As additional difficulty the water is running inside the cases wall, which has to be hollow for the water. Inside the case you find a pump. Silverstone is also working on a bigger version which can house a full computer system.

If you want Shuttle-sized but don't want to say no to high-performance the Sugo S01 is the case for you. It's unique in its ability to use only standard PC components and supports SLI. This means you can cram a standard sized PSU and two videocards into it to have a hell of a portable rig. Another novelty is that a specially designed CPU cooler Nitrogon NT06 has been made which fits exactly under the PSU. Any airflow from the PSU is used now to cool your CPU as well. The lack of a CPU fan contributes to the overall low noise level of the case.

This ST85ZF PSU (sorry I got the wrong picture) is made with the hardcore enthusiasts in mind. It comes with four 12V rails and packs a whoping 840W into your case. Due to a two PCB design only one 80mm cooling fan is required. Having a high efficiency rating of almost 80% contributes to the low heat output of the PSU.

The LC19 is a Pentium M/Core Duo appliance which is extremely low-profile. It even supports a riser card (not included) with angled connector for an extra video card. The small cooler on top of the case is the NT07 CPU cooler which has been specifically designed for that application. Given the size it's obvious that this is made for a mobile CPU.

If you need a lot of harddisk space but your case is full you can get this external harddisk case DS351. It uses an eSATA interface which makes sure transfers are happening fast. The space allows you to put five harddisks in RAID into it. The whole unit does not use active cooling. On the bottom are some fins which transfer the heat out. To reduce noise caused by vibration a special thermal pad is used, which cools well but absorbs some vibration too.

If you don't need five HDDs but want a mobile storage system this NAS system is being released soon. It supports FTP and Windows File Sharing via Ethernet and USB. There will be two models, “NS311” which will support up to six users simultaneously and the “NS312” which will support up to 30.

This luxiourious case Temjin TJ09 has been designed specifically for the needs of Quad-SLI users. An additional intake behind the harddisks makes sure that your precious video cards have air to breathe. The harddisks are mounted 90° upwards because there is a fan in the middle of the two slots, which cools both top and bottom HDDs.
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