Computex 2006: Topower Review 1

Computex 2006: Topower Review

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Topower has 20 years of experience in the PSU business. Their 1100W PSU was the first to be offically approved to run Quad SLI.

At Computex there were several new products which are good supplements to their existing PSU business.

One of these is the Graphic Cards Protector. It is designed to protect you video card from overvoltage or overcurrent. Once the voltage on the 12V line exceeds around 15V, the power to the video card is immediately shut off to make sure your card won't be damaged. Another safety feature is the overcurrent protection which turns off power when the current goes beyond a certain maximum level, for example when a shortcut is created on the card.
In addition to that a filter is implemented which reduces electromagnetic interference on the power line, supplying much cleaner power to the VGA card.

The TopForce is a power supply which work together with your existing main PSU. It adds an extra stabilized circuit to power your video card(s). A bigger version will also be able to run your HDDs. Unlike other add-on PSUs the TopForce does not need any special hook up to your motherboard that it can detect the system power state. If you need even more power you can connect two TopForce units to your system to increase the total wattage. For example if you have a 400W PSU and add two 420W TopForce units the total wattage available is 1240W.

A completely different class of product is this EZ Rack unit. It supports the use of two SerialATA HDDs, even with SATA-II. The unit displayed here is a prototype, that's why it is so big. The final EZRack will fit into a 5.25" drive bay. Hot Swap is fully supported. This means if you remove one disk while your system is running it just removes the drive letter without causing any problems. Adding the HDD back in is equally as easy. As interface to the motherboard SerialATA (not eSATA) is used.
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