Computex 2007: Biostar 2

Computex 2007: Biostar Review

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Biostar VGA Cards

Last year Biostar introduced the first NVIDIA VGA cards using their revolutionary V-Ranger technology which allows nice voltage adjustments to the GPU and the memory for improved overclocking. We reviewed their 7600 GS a while ago and were amazed by the overclocking capabilities of the card.

Now Biostar has added new higher-performance graphics cards to their V-Ranger lineup.

The fastest V-Ranger card is this amped up 8600 GTS which comes at clocks of 675 MHz and 2000 MHz. While the clocks are at default, using the V-Ranger software you will certainly be able to get much more overclocking out of these cards compared to the NVIDIA reference designs. The board comes with 256 MB of GDDR3 memory using a 128-bit memory bus.

On the VR8603GT21 you will find the NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT GPU but with 256 MB of fast GDDR3 memory. The clock speeds are 540 MHz on the core and 1400 MHz on the memory. Again, the V-Ranger feature is present here as well for improved voltage control.

The VR8602GT21 is a more budget oriented V-Ranger card which uses 256 MB of slower clocked DDR2 memory to keep the price down. The clock speeds here are 540 MHz and 800 MHz.
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