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Computex 2007: Cooler Master Review

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Cooler Master has a large suite at the Hyatt, which is right next to the Computex grounds. The Cosmos, which was presented at CeBIT this year is now present and actually up and running. The case features some amazing engineering. The hard drives are placed in drawers, while the optical drives can be installed with the push of a button. The top features the power and reset buttn as well as the front I/O. Cooler Master has also constructed an airduct to aid airflow within the case.

Another very interesting case, which should be somewhat cheaper and is constructed of steel. It has a few very interesting features. It features sound dampening matts and screwless design for optical drives, hard drives and fans. The dimensions are large enough to fit large graphic cards as well. There is also an air vent right under the mainboard. You can install a 8 cm fan to actively cool the board under the CPU.

The Elite seires was also showcased at CeBIT. These are enclosures for the budget gamer, looking for Cooler Master quality. The company is also displaying a HTPC case which uses the Soundgraph graphic VFD, remote and software.

Cooler Master has a very interesting demo, where one 1250W power supply is used to run two full systems with 8800 GTXs in SLI. It runs perfectly fine and is rather impressive, but it makes you wonder where this trend of bigger power supplies is going. Why would one buy a 1250W PSU if a high quality 650W could run one these systems?

You will also find a few different PSUs in their suite. These already feature the 8 pin PCIe power connector so you wil be able to power an Radeon HD 2900 XT Cross Fire system. The lower powered variant with modular cables do not feature four PCie power connectors. Cooler Master also has one power supply with fix cabling on display.

The cooling department also has some new additions. The first is a graphic card cooler with a heatpipe. The back heatsink can be actively cooled with an optional fan. The display unit is afixed to a Geforce series 7 card as it seems. The Cool Viva Pro SE utilizes 3 heatpipes and active cooling. The Cool Viva series was on display at CeBIT as well.

The watercooling kit found on the Leadtek 8800 Ultra can also be found at the Cooler Master suite. The same type of water block is available for the Radeon HD 2900 XT. We may see some manufacturers using these just as is the case with Leadtek and their overclocked 8800 Ultra.

The above CPU coolers were also shown at CeBIT. The Hyper 212 actually uses two 12 cm fans for cooling. The only new addition is the Gemini Mini, which takes the principle of the Gemini II and downsizes it. This improves the compatibilty as the larger Gemini II simply does not fit into every case.
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