Computex 2007: Evercool 0

Computex 2007: Evercool Review

Evercool is also at Computex. Their booth is on the second floor of Hall 1. They have a few display cases with various cooling products on display. There are several interesting CPU coolers and water cooling kits. The first is a very compact CPU cooler with a sandwiched fan in the middle. Heatpipes transport the heat to the fine fins. The second is called Silver Knight. This is a prefilled, closed water cooling system. It is just as big as normal CPU cooler. There is a traditional water cooling set present as well. This utilizes a 5.25 inch drive bay for the reservoir and pump.

There are several notebook cooler, two of these are pictured above. The first is a very compact one, while the silver is more traditional with two fans. Both of these are constructed of plastic and the silver one called The Zodiac. While this name has a nice ring to it, it may not be the best choice.

You will also find a lot of different fans at the Evercool booth. The Fox series are PCI fans in various sizes, while the hard drive cooler is just available in different colors instead. These utilize radial fans instead of the usual kind. Two active GPU coolers and a dual fan PCI bracket to aid graphic card cooling is also being shown off.

Evercool is also offering active cooling for memory modules. These are constructed in a way, that even four of these could be used. A small fan blows down on headspreaders, which are attached to the DIMMs. The second fan actually aids notebook cooling. Just clip this one unto the airvent of the notebook and plug the USB cable in. The fan inside the device aids the notebooks own cooling system.

Another very unique item is a wrist cooler. You place your hand on the unit and two small fans cool your hand and surroundings. Perfect in locations with a lot of humidity like Taipei (80+% humidity). Evercool even offers cooling for the Xbox 360 and Wii. The last shot shows some products in their retail package. As you can see, there is no similar package for Evercool products.