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Computex 2007: G.Skill Review

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G.Skill is also displaying DDR3 up and running. The memory is clocked at 1600MHz with CL8. Not much else to say here, the results are very good and should certainly perform better than any DDR2 out there.

The company uses a different color head spreader for every different model. The blue DDR3 DIMM runs at 800 MHz and CL6-6-6-15. The chrome DDR3 module runs at 1333 MHz CL9-9-9-24. Both of these models ship in 2 GB kits. The third is a DDR3 SODIMM running at 800 MHz and CL6-6-6-15 just like the desktop part.

Their DDR2 models are just as colorful and are on display ranging between 800 Mhz at CL4-4-4-10 to 1000 MHz at 4-4-4-5. The last number is not a mistake, it is actually 5. All of these modules sell in dual channel 2 GB kits, which consist of two 1 GB DIMMs.

G.Skill has their high-end models in retail package. Their DDR2 at 1066 MHz is set at CL4-4-4-5 and features black headspreader. There is also a dual channel DDR3 kit set at 1066MHz and CL8-8-8-21. A 4 GB SODIMM dual channel kit running at 667 MHz and CL5-5-5-15 can also be viewed at their booth.
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