Computex 2007: HIS 8

Computex 2007: HIS Review

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This Dual GPU 2600 XT was certainly the highlight at HIS' booth. It is based on an ATI reference design and comes with 2x 512 MB GDDR4.

HIS also shows that they are still supporting AGP. This HD 2600 XT uses ATI's Rialto bridge chip to enable connectivity for AGP.

This prototype of a card is basically an EMI shield to protect your sound- or graphics card from signal noise of other components. This may help improving audio or analog image quality. A price and availability is not set yet.

HIS is also looking into selling power supplies. Guess you can imagine that these are high-end units that fit their video card offerings. The Extreme Power comes in 1000W and 1200W configurations with a quiet 135 mm fan. It has 4x 12V rails with support for the latest 8-pin connectors. Efficiency is rated at 80%+.

The PowerUp! 400W is a dedicated power supply for your video card(s). Aside from the great name, it supports 2x 6-pin and 2x 8-pin so should be ready for a CF pair of HD 2900 XT's.

The Power Watcher PSUs come with a small LED readout on the back of the unit that shows how much power the PSU consumes. This is a nice gimmick for those people who are constantly worried that their PSU is too weak and causes crashes.
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