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Computex 2007: High Power Review

High Power has a slim but long booth, with two entraces. It is actually seperated visually. There are three areas. the front also features a few products for the vistors not willing to take a look inside.

High Power is offering dedicated power supplies for graphic cards. There is a demo on display which powers two ATI graphic cards. This unit delivers 450W of power. High Power offers a whole series for graphic cards. The middle pictures shows the single height 5.25 bay devices. You may remember the one all the way to the right, as Thermaltake has the exclusive rights to sell that model in the past. The situation has changed now, as they are no longer supplying this part to Thermaltake. These scale between 315W and 450W. There is a 650W unit which fits into two 5.25 inch bays and delivers enough power even for power hungry RAdeon HD 2900 XT cardss

The environmental power supplies which boast a high efficiency rating are the highlight at the High Power booth. To demonstrate the main attribute, the company has chosen to give the entire section a ambient green tone. The series starts at 400W and features a 12 cm fan. The units are of standard size up to 500W. The 750W and 850W units are noticably larger but still utilize the same size fan, while the most powerful unit delivers 1000W using the same enclosure.

Their value line-up is kept in the usual gray and the two lower model do not have Active Power Flow Correction (PFC) and can deliver a mere 350 or 370W. These two also differ in the fan used, as the 370W model uses a 12 cm fan for cooling. The larger 450W unit has active PFC and also features a 12 cm fan. next to these units, there is a mini power supply with 330W, active PFC and 8 cm fan. Next to these you will find their retail package, which is kept in the same color.

High Power also has a 560W power supply which features a build in Voltage meter. It shows you in real time, how much power your PC uses. This is a patented feature and is only available in hardware from High Power. Other companies like Gigabyte can display this number through software used. The PSU has a black paint job and the retail box continues the color theme. The company also produces power supplies for LCD TVs. Above are just a few of these, as High Power manufactures quite a few such models.