Computex 2007: Kingston 0

Computex 2007: Kingston

Kingston has a very large booth in the center of Hall 1. There was a rebuild of Taipei 101 with memory modules. Next to this, there is a demo system running DDR3 memory.

The afore mentioned DDR3 system is running a 2 GB dual channel kit at 1375 MHz and CL7-7-7. The second system in the inner side of the Kingstion booth is using ultra low latency DDR2 800 MHz with a very nice CL3-3-3 setting. Kingston is one of the few manufacturers trying for tighter timings instead of higher MHz.

You will also find a lot of different SD & MMC cards and Compact Flash cards on display. There is a reduced size MMC card, also called miniMMC. These cards were actually short lived and you will not find them in many devices these days. The more common miniSD has won that battle and Kingston has that format as well as microSD right next to it. The company is also offering a 3in1 package, consisting of a microSD card with miniSD and full size SD adapter. This set will be available with a 1 GB or 2 GB microSD card. Next to that display case is an identical one with normal SD and SDHC cards. The present Compact Flash cards have capacities of 8 GB and a maximum speed of 133x. Other manufacturers have shown cards with up to 300x speed.

The DataTraveler series is aimed at business users and comes in various flavors. Some are ReadyBoost ready while others use encryption to secure data stored on the memory device. Kingston is also going tiny with a USB card reader and microSD bundle. You can use this as phone jewelery and have access to your card without the need of software or specific data cable. There are a few other memory sticks, one of which can be customized with little inlays to fit your mood or style. The DataTraveler is pictured here as well.

The Datatraveler Mini Fun sticks are available in multiple colors and a 2 GB capacity. The cap can simply be secured by plugging it into the back of the device. The Mini series are very small (not as tiny as the PQI variants) sticks but have a maximum capacity of 4 GB, this is twice as much then the PQI flash device.