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PQI is a well known memory manufacturer. They offer a full range of notebook and desktop memory. The booth layout is open on all sides, with all their products behind glass casings. The company was founded in 1997 and focuses more on the development of flash based products. PQI is one of the Top 10 manufacturers for these type of devices.

PQI even decided to show some traditional DDR1 and DDR2 memory DIMMs. As is the case with most major companies, PQI has some DDR3 memory on display. These run at standard JEDEC timings with 800 MHz. There are no fancy heatspreaders or tighter timings available at the moment.

On the DDR2 front, the "Turbo Memory" brand is geared toward the enthusiast, with memory scaling up to PC2-9600 (1200 MHz) with 5-5-5-15 timings. These come with a fancy heatspreader and packed in dual channel kits with up to 2 GB (2x1 GB modules). This is not the first time that PQI is offering such products as their DDR1 series scaled up to 600 MHz. You can also take a look at some FB DIMMs, but these are meant for the server market.

PQI is also showing off some very unique flash memory devices. Their Card Drive series comes in various sizes up to a whopping 32GB. The two variants available both have special USB 2.0 connectors, which simply slide into the USB port. The more expensive one comes in a metal housing and can really be covered by any color or image while the USB plug slides into the side of the case.

To show this aspect in form of a collage, where there are vanilla silver Card Drives, surrounded by ones with full color images, to create the PQI logo. In this case the USB plug simply slides into the frame of the Card Drive.

The more cost effective variant ships in a plastic housing, which can also be inprinted with anything at time of manufacturing. It has the same dimensions as the more expensive variant, but the USB plug simply snaps into a cutout of the card.

One of most interesting memory devices at the booth are incredibly small chains with a flash memory device hanging from the end of it. You can easily hang these on your key chain or even on the cell phone. These go up to 4 GB and use the same type of USB connector, which slides inside the miniscule case. This means that the overall size is just as large as the casing itself. These are called "Intelligent Stick mini".

Keeping with the ultra thin connector, the "i221" and "i261" sticks are a bit thicker while keeping a very short profile. These come with up to 8 GB of storage space and multiple colors. The "i261" be rotated to secure the USB plug during transportation.
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