Computex 2007: PQI 0

Computex 2007: PQI Review

PQI has even managed to create a USB stick with a hidden connector, using the traditional plug. This one simply works like a pen. Press the back and the USB header is pushed out. Press it again, and the back is pushed out by a spring, pulling the USB plug back into the casing. Besides all these offerings, there are quite a few traditional USB flash devices on display as well.

The SSD devices is another area in which most manufacturers of flash products are showing off their implementations. PQI has various shapes and sizes of SSDs, ranging from Express Card and PCMCIA formats to IDE and SATA based 2.5 inch drives. The latter have a maximum capacity of 128 GB.

Their Hi-Speed Series DiskOnModule (DOM) are very small devices which utilize 40 or 44 pin IDE interfaces. These units are intended for industrial use and also include other memory formats like Compact Flash. Sizes vary between 4 and 16 GB.