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Computex 2007: Silverstone Review

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Silverstone has a black booth with a lot of staff at Computex. It is a good thing too, as it is constantly packed with jounalists and resellers. That did not keep them from giving me a detailed tour of all the new offerings presented at Computex.

Starting with the power supplies, Silverstone is working on a passively cooled 500W unit which can deliver 32A on the single 12V rail. Thay are still working the heat issues out to deliver such a constant load. Their top of the line power supplies are actually much larger than normal variants. The Decathlon 1200W series can deliver a continous load of 90A on a single 12V rail, while the Zeus has six seperate rails of 17A each. Both power supplies are manufactured in Taiwan and use modular cables.

Silverstone is also displaying a few interesting fans. The miost interesting ones are the FN83 and the FM83. Both have blades of a 92 mm fan, packed into the dimensions of a traditional 80 mm one. Both are also available in normal 120 mm variants. The white one comes bundled with a fan speed controller as well. The blue/black Suscool series is the quietest thermal control fan in the world and is also available in 80 and 120 mm sizes.

Their line of case accessories is alos being shown off. The first is a cage to place 3 hard drives into two external 5.25 inch bays. Silverstone is now offering a card reader which can fit all the usual formats, while also having mini and standard USB and Firewire as well as audio ports all packed into the size of a 3.5 inch drive bay.A fan speed controller in the form of an external 3.5 inch package lies underneat the card reader. Silverstone is the first firm to offer the new Soundgraph graphic VFD in a seperate, aluminum enclosure.

The HTPC line-up has been expanded as well. The first are two silver models, one with no LCD or display, while the bottom ome features a Soundgraph VFD: This one is rather large and you should not have any trouble inserting large, high-end components into this enclosure. The 7 inch LCD HTPC case is getting a major upgrade with a full HD capable display. This means you are able to run the same 1900x1090 resolution on those tiny 7 inches as you do on your 37+ inch TV. Lastly, there is a small case with the Soundgraphs newest LCD in the front. The small LCD may not be suitable for watching TV but is perfect for giving you control of your media.

The company is also displaying an enclosure that already turned some heads at CeBIT. It may look like a HTP enclosure, but its sole purpose is to store your hard drives, which connect via eSATA to the actual HTPC case. It has a RAID interface inside, so you can also achieve data security or higher speeds if you wish. The second is a update to the Temjin seires. It has the same body as the TJ09, with a different front. The company is also the manufacturer behind the Fragbox and now has permission to sell it directly to customers as well. Expect to pay a premium for that case, as Silverstone has to pay royalties to Falcon Northwest.

Silvestone is also offering a new case line-up called Kublai Series. These are steel cases with a high quality aluminum front, with a smaller price tag than their all alumium offerings. The first is a tower with a modular front, It has defined corners and looks very robust. The second features a window and a solid aluminum door.

The third is big tower with an aluminum door as well. The body is manufactured from steel sheets with air vents on the bottom. The power and reset button as well as the usual I/O is located in a plastic part on top of the case. This is certainly a good location for such a large case. Most manufacturers would opt for the cheapest possible way to combine the steel mesh and the aluminum of the front door, but Silverstone is using actual screws to do so.
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