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Computex 2007: Thermaltake Review

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Thermaltake actually has two booths at Computex this year. The main location is well staffed and quite busy, while the second is an additional showcase of the items available at their main booth. Even though it was really crowded, we were given a very efficient tour of all the new stuff available. Some of you may recognize the first case. It is based on the Lanbox which was offered as the Lanbox HT and shown at Computex. This case is now available with the small Soundgraph LCD. Another similar case is the DH-201, which can fit a DTX mainboard. This chassis is also meant for the living room and features same Soundgraph display.

The Armor chassis has received an update in the form of better accessibilty for water cooling setups. You can slide away the top to gain direct access to your reservoir if needed. This contraption is mounted on the frame and made of plastic. As you can see, it also houses the usual I/O as well as power and reset buttons.

The Xaser series is getting an addition as well. The Xaser VI has a slew of new features. The first thing you will notice is the changed and modernised looks. Both the black and silver variant are filled with hardware. The silver chassis holds a water cooling kit as well. This case also includes access to a reservoir and the hard drives are now seperately stored in plastic trays.

With the recent launch of the R600, Thermaltake is offering an alternative cooling solution for both NVIDIA's and AMD/ATI's high-end cards. The AT5 is for the HD 2900 XT, while the ND5 is meant for the GeForce 8800 GTX or Ultra. The DuOrb graphic card cooler utilizes copper and heatpipes to cool down a graphic card. This is meant for todays mid-range cards.

If you thought the Blue Orb 2 was big, take a look at the green one. There is no name tag for this, but if Thermaltake continues in the way it names their coolers, this may be called the Green Orb or Emerald Orb (Editor's note: just a guess on my part). It features white lighting inside the fan and the above picture cannot do it justice. The Blue Orb series is getting the miniature treatement with the BlueOrb Mini, which should be perfect for small enclosures. The DuOrb is also available in a CPU variation. It is a bit bigger and has larger and longer fins while keeping with the same 2 fan and heatsink design.

The V series now covers memory as well. The same shape of the V1 has been adapted to fit on a memory headspreader. It is constructed of copper as well, just like the CPU cooler. The prototype hand cooler which we pictured at CeBIT is now being displayed as a retail product. The overall shape and color has changed. It actually looks great and the airflow does help during those long, hot summer gaming sessions. Thermaltake is going all out on their ToughPower series. We saw a 1500W unit at CeBIT and now they are displaying a 2000W PSU. I cannot imagine anyone needing this much, but you never know.

Thermaltake also has a mouse and a keyboard made of aluminum. The mouse is rather small and should be perfect for notebook users. It would even look nice next to a Macbook Pro. The keyboard can be found in the HTPC case section at their booth. This seems appropriate as it certainly looks great and will fit perfectly inside the living room. The iXoft thermal pad is now available as a bag for your notebook as well.
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