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Computex 2007: Vizo Review

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Vizo has a small, colorful booth at Computex in Hall 1. There is a system up and running with a lot of their products. As you can see there some nicely lighted fans, CCFL and other accessories for your PC.

The company has a "Sleet" series of products, which is meant for replacement or enhancement of the parts inside your computer. Vizo offers copper heatsinks in various sizes to cool components on your mainboard or graphic card. Another such product are heatspreaders four your memory, which are available in aluminum or copper and feature the Vizo logo. They also offer two sets of chipset coolers. One of these is made of aluminum, while the other is manufactured using copper. Both consist of a fan with a small aluminum or copper construction as well as various heatsinks. You will also find mounting material and thermal paste inside these packages.

Vizo also offers a few interesting fans to cool your hardrives. The first is a single fan you can screw unto your hardrive. It looks quite nicely and is made of plastic. The Voyager I and II use aluminum as material. The "I" utilizes two fans for cooling, while "II" is thinner and cools the hard drive actively with a single, larger fan. Another very interesting cooling product is the dual fan PCI bracket. You can place this in the PCI slot under your graphic card to further cool it down.

There are various USB products on display as well. Most of these are pretty self explanatory. There is a keypad, which is great for laptops who do not have a seperate number pad. Next to that you will find a card reader for all the usual formats out there. A 4 port USB hub is also present. It is called UFO due to its shape. The top half rotates around the center, to reveal the USB 2.0 ports. Lastly there is a very useful USB dockingstation. This actually gives you a slew of ports while occupying a single USB plug. There is a serial port, an ethernet port, a number of USB connectors and two PS2 connectors for your keyboard and mouse.

There are also two 5.25 inch front panel units at their booth. The first is deticated to connectivity in form of a card reader, USB, FireWire and a ESATA port. You will also find front audio/video connectivity and fan speed control. The second panel is deticated to giving you the possiblity of connecting IDE and SATA devices externally without opening your case up.

Vizo is also offering some high quality notebook cooling pads. There are three different models. The Xena is meant for mainstream notebooks (15/15.4 inch) and actually features a 2.5 inch slot for a hard drive in its base. The Ninja and Ninja II have a very similar look and come with two cooling fans as well. The difference between the two models is just its size, with the Ninja II capable of supporting larger notebooks or desktop replacements.

Vizo is also showing off their hard drive enclosures. Starting with the 2.5 inch model, you will find any possible configuration at their booth. The Shuttle series is the simplest and cheapest variant as they can take either a SATA or IDE drive and feature USB 2.0 connectivity. The Saturno series can hold a SATA drive and uses eSATA or USB 2.0 to connect to your PC. It also features one touch file or OS backup functions. The Paragon series offers the same featureset using IDE drives and thus lacks the eSATA interface. Both the Saturno and the Paragon are available in multible colors.

We did a review of the Luxon Advance here which is the high-end model of this series. Vizo also has the three seperate variants on display. The most basic one is the Luxon HD, which can take an IDE hard drive and features USB 2.0 to connect to the PC. The Luxon SD uses the same external interface but is meant for SATA hard drives. The Luxon ED also takes SATA drives, but featues an eSATA interface in addition to the USB 2.0 connectivity.

The Ares is an internal mobile rack for SATA drives. It should carry a very affordable price tag, as it is mostly made of plastic. Some other manufactures sell the exact same model under their respective brand names. The Milano enclosure on the other hand is a very interesting external enclosure, featuring media playback. It take an IDE hard drive with your favorite movies, music, pictures and files.
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