Computex 2007: Zalman 1

Computex 2007: Zalman

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Zalman's booth was located in near one of the main exits of hall 1, so traffic volume was quiet high. Compared to previous years the booth was a bit smaller though.

The Zalman HD160 Plus has an improved display over the HD160 which used a VFD which tended to be very limited because it could not display non-latin characters. The new LCD screen is capable of any letters or graphics, the included software has been updated to support this new functionality.

The HD160 XT Plus has also received a new display which is now higher resolution and better quality.

A new waterblock for the GeForce 8800 GTS has been created by Zalman called the "ZM-GWB8800 GTS". It has been designed specifically for the PCBs of the boards.

ZM-WB4 Plus and ZM-WB5 are two CPU Waterblocks which fit on Socket775 and Socket AM2, the WB4 Plus also fits Socket 478.

A very quiet cooler for the GeForce 8800 Series is the VF-100 LED. It can handle up to 100W heat output at a maximum fan speed of 1400 RPM. The full-aluminum memory heatsinks on the right are made from one part which helps optimize the fin design.

Zalman's new ZM850-HP power supply is the most powerful model in their lineup. You will find 2x PCI-E 6-pin and 2x 6+2 pin connectors, so this PSU is 2900 XT CrossFire ready.


A number of new headphones were presented as well. All three are for listening only, no microphones are attached.

The RS6F is a real surround headphone, because it has more than just 2 speakers inside. The speakers are arranged in a way to create a true surround effect when using 5-channel audio input.

The ZM-RS6F USB is essentially the same headset as the RS6F, but it has a USB connector which means you don't need a sound card anymore. Just install the Zalman Sound Drivers and you are ready to go.

A lower cost set of headphones is the DS4F which has an IPod like look and can fold together for easier transportation.
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