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CoolIT Freezone Review

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CoolIT has done a very nice job on the packaging of the Freezone. The box is very sturdy and offers plenty of protection and the design of the box does very well for describing the cooler. There is a nice large picture of the Freezone as well as all the specifications of the cooler.

The other sides of the box give some key features of the Freezone, a few more pictures of the unit, and also some performance figures.

All the components are separated in little sections to prevent loose parts from moving around possibly causing damage.


  • Freezone Cooler
  • S940/S939/S754/775/478 Brackets
  • Motherboard standoffs
  • Standoff Washers
  • 120mm Fan adapter
  • TEC Control Board
  • Instruction Booklet

A large amount of brackets are included for a wide range of system compatibility. Starting from the left, are all the mounts including standoffs, thumb screws, bolts, retention brackets and a wrench. In the middle are all the different types of mounts used for Intel and the different AMD platforms. The picture to right is of the 120mm plate adapter, allowing the cooler to be mounted in cases with a 120mm rear fan.
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