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Cooler Master ATCS 840 Review

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Interestingly enough, the ATCS 840 ships in a plain, brown cardboard box. Instead of using a full color one, Cooler Master has printed an elaborate image straight unto the untreated cardboard. I have to admit it looks pretty cool - much like a tattoo. Turning the package around, we have the case in a blow up diagram, showing all the parts it is built with. On the bottom there are a few images to highlight some of the more important features.

You will find another image of the chassis on one side, while the list of features and specifications has been placed on the other. I am glad to see holes for easier transportation on both sides, as this package is extremely large.

Cooler Master has placed Styrofoam spacers on the front and rear of the chassis. This makes it easier to place and subsequently remove the case from the cardboard box. A fairly thick plastic bag further protects the chassis from any damage during transportation.


Inside the case, you will find a plastic contraption which is intended to cover the rear mainboard expansion slots. It has an opening for a 120 mm fan to blow air out, but Cooler Master has not included the cooling unit for it. I cannot see something like this being of much use in terms of temperatures inside the chassis, but it will keep potential thieves away from messing with your connected cables. You will also receive a few plastic parts to aid in cable management, four plastic adapters to allow for radiator installation in the ceiling of the chassis, a metal bar to support a top mounted PSU, an extension cable for the P4 CPU power, a speaker and a bag of screws. This makes for a complete accessory pack - well done Cooler Master.
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