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Taking a look at the case right out of the box, there is a certain similarity to the Centurion 5 from 2004, but times have changed and so has the overall look of the case.

The front sports straight lines and utilizes mostly plastic. The rear reveals a bottom mounted PSU bay along with an all-black interior. You will find two 120 mm mounting spots for cooling fans on the main panel. These are situated right above the expansion slots and should serve their purpose of cooling one or more graphics cards well. The other panel is completely solid, so let's move right on.

Taking a closer look at the front, the bottom sixty percent basically consists of an air vent for cooling—sporting the signature Centurion logo. Cooler Master has placed a 140 mm LED-equipped fan there. Above that are three 5.25" drive bays and the case I/O. It consists of two USB 2.0- and two USB 3.0 ports, and the usual audio plugs. Cooler Master has placed the power and reset buttons into the side of the front panel. While previous Centurion cases made good use of aluminum, with either the strips on the side (Centurion RC590) or even the entire front (Centurion 534) being made of the material, the Centurion 6 only features thin aluminum-plated strips on an otherwise plastic front. It is a real shame that the use of aluminum has been curtailed so much. It seems as though Cooler Master is just including the material to give the case its Centurion name. The extensive use of the light material was one of the reasons behind the previous cases selling so well.

Spinning the case around, the bottom-mounted PSU bay features two sets of mounting holes, so you may install any power supply with the fan facing down or upward. Above that are seven motherboard expansion slots and a specific opening for attaching the locking clip for peripheral security. The top of the rear has another fan of 120 mm in size—with no embedded lighting elements.

You may install two 120 or 140 mm units onto the ceiling of the chassis. Water cooling kits of 120 to 280 size should also fit into this area of the Centurion 6.
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