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Cooler Master Cosmos II Review

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Cooler Master packs the Cosmos II in a huge full color package. Considering the sheer size of the chassis, the package is almost too large for our testing table. In the front you will find a partial image of the chassis, while the rear goes into some greater detail about its main features. You will also find an additional image on one side, with the other holding a list of specifications.

The Cosmos II is held in place by two thick styrofoam spacers. A plastic bag is protecting the chassis from fingerprints and scratches. I was actually expecting to see a cloth back as the Cosmos S had been placed in such.


Cooler Master has only included the parts that one may really need when assembling the chassis. You will get an assortment of screws, an 8 pin ATX power extension cable, rails to install water cooling and plenty of zip ties to really keep things clean within the Cosmos II. A detailed manual helps you in getting acquainted with the enclosure.
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