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Cooler Master Cosmos II Review

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Value & Conclusion

  • The Cooler Master Cosmos sells for 350 Euro (including taxes) or 350 US Dollar (excluding taxes).
  • Awesome looking chassis
  • Cool, functional control panel
  • Two built-in hot swap bays
  • Localized fan controller
  • Silent operation is possible at low fan setting
  • Space for up to eleven internal hard drives
  • More than enough space for ATX and XL-ATX boards
  • Multi-GPU setups will easily fit
  • 30 mm space behind mainboard tray
  • 240 mm radiator will fit in the ceiling
  • Dust filters on all intake areas
  • Sliding mechanisms excellent
  • Hinged doors & metal hinges
  • Aluminum accents look fantastic
  • Enough wiring to fill the chassis with LED equipped fans
  • 2x internal USB 3.0
  • Heavy - 22 kg
  • Some aspects not deserving of the price tag - too much plastic here and there
  • No HPTX compatibility
  • Just an essential set of extras
  • ODD bay locking mechanism a bit loose
Cooler Master made a big splash with their Cosmos chassis back in the day and the same holds true for the Cosmos S. After some time, the Cosmos II aims to take the crown once more. A lot of things have changed since the first two cases: we have XL-ATX, HPTX, we have USB 3.0, Firewire is on the way out, there are 2.5 inch SATA drives like SSDs within PCs. On top of that, the design of cases on the market has gotten much more elaborate.
The Cosmos II manages to include the majority of these features all in a killer design. The downside of the looks is the fact that sturdy materials cannot be used for every element of it. That is something that rears its ugly head here and there, but luckily the chassis manages to stand strong nonetheless.
At 350 Euros or US Dollars, one may look real close to find faults in design or functionality, but the fact remains, that there is no other chassis of this elaborate design out there. While other cases may be able to deliver a similar, general feature set as the Cosmos II, there is no contender for the look and feel of it. A Bugatti Veyron may not have the biggest bang for the buck and cost more than other cars, but does it look incredible. The same philosophy holds true for the Cooler Master Cosmos II - the super car under the full tower cases.
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