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Cooler Master Elite 120 Review

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The Cooler Master Elite 120 ships in a plain, brown cardboard-package. There is a simple image of the chassis on one side and a list of specifications on the other. Even though the box is quite compact, Cooler Master has added two carrying holes to the package.

Two fairly thin Styrofoam spacers on either side of the chassis hold it in place and protect it from damage. A plastic bag has also been applied to make sure the chassis reaches you scratch and fingerprint free.


You will get a pair of hard drive rails, plenty of zip ties, all black screws, and a motherboard speaker with the chassis. Before you wonder about the rails, the Elite 120 can hold up to three hard drives, but the rest of the rails can, as we will see later on, be found within the chassis itself. Interestingly enough, we got two identical manuals with the case - I guess that is better than none at all.
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