Cooler Master Elite 120 12

Cooler Master Elite 120

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A Closer Look - Outside

The chassis makes a fairly compact impression, and it will be interesting to see how much room we have inside.

The front is made mainly of plastic, but Cooler Master has applied a layer of aluminum onto it and the drive-bay cover, which raises the subjective feel and quality of the Elite 120. You will find a pair of USB 2.0 plugs and audio connectivity on the left, while the power, reset, and a single USB 3.0 plug have been placed on the right. In the rear, everything is where you would expect it to be in a chassis of this size. The PSU bay is located right above the motherboard area, which means that you will have to make sure the CPU cooler is compact enough. Two motherboard expansion slots may make the use of large dual-slot graphics cards a possibility. Cooler Master has placed air vents on either side of the case, which is an important aspect for a chassis of this size as there is very little active and unobstructed air flow within.

A large vent in the top is intended for the PSU - to allow access to fresh air. A crude dust filter has also been applied here. I would suggest installing any power supply with the fan facing downward because such a configuration increases the internal air flow. There are four large feet on the underside, but no additional opening. Due to the compact size of the chassis, Cooler Master included a bracket to extend the total possible size of the PSU.
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