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Cooler Master Gladiator 600 Review

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The Gladiator 600 ships in the mainstream package from Cooler Master. This box has a white backdrop with a purple square in one corner. The front holds an image of the chassis, while the rear goes into greater detail with a few close-up shots. You will find the case specifications on one side and another image of the case on the other. Holes on both sides of the box should help you when carrying the enclosure home.

Cooler Master secures the Gladiator 600 with fairly solid Styrofoam spacers and further protects it with a thick plastic bag. This is what you would expect to see from a mainstream chassis.


You will get a black 5.25 inch to 3.5 inch adapter with the case. While this is a nice addition, the unit looks different than the metal mesh front covers of the Gladiator 600. A small bag with screws, zip ties a mainboard microphone, rails for the HDD bays and a dust filter to be used anywhere within the case, as long as you use an 80 mm fan. The most appropriate use for this piece is under the power supply, to protect it from dust during operation.
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