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Cooler Master RealPower 550W Review

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The black shiny color of the RealPower 550W takes fingerprints very easily as you can see in the above picture. Wiping them off with your bare hands doesn't work that well, a Kleenex does the trick.

Only the ATX power cable is sleeved, the other cables are running the bare wires.

Watts Viewer

The Watts Viewer is a nice extra to get a feeling of how much power your system consumes. While this is sure not scientifically accurate, our testing showed that it is pretty close to what's happening.
I find the tiny meter is very hard to read, especially when your case is standing on the ground.

Cooler Master gives you two bezels, one in black and another silver one. The silver one will look good in beige cases too.

Behind the scenes the Watts Viewer is really just a voltmeter connected to the PSU without any circuitry. Very nice if you are looking into some modding. Just grab the blue and purple wire (inner pins of the connector) and hook them up to any voltmeter and you got your readouts.
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