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Cooler Master Seidon 120XL Review

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A Closer Look

The Cooler Maseter Seidon 120XL is similar to many other AIO liquid coolers on the market in that it is a pre-filled and sealed no-maintenance unit. The fin spacing on the radiator is 12 fins per inch (FPI) / 2.54 cm. This is in stark contrast to the 20 fins per inch seen on Corsair's Hydro Series products. This change should allow for good cooling with lower static pressure requirements as compared to high FPI radiators. The tubing is, of course, low permeability corrugated. It serves its purpose, but I would have really liked more flexible rubber tubing instead.

The fans Cooler Master has provided with the Seidon 120XL are average; they use a rifle bearing which, while better than a sleeve bearing, is far from the upper echelons in terms of bearing quality. However, with that said, the fans look fairly solid with a CFM at 19-86 and static pressure ranging from .31-4.16 mm H2O. All that remains to be seen is how quiet they are when in use. One nice thing is that the fan wires are fully sleeved and topped with heat shrink for a nice, clean look.

The pump on the Seidon 120XL has a certain style that is its own, with how good it looks being left to the eye of the beholder. When in operation, a blue LED is visible. The tubing has a good connection to the pump; it's sturdy and the overall build quality of the entire product is solid. The base itself is of course copper, and while it doesn't have a mirror sheen, its sheen is adequate. The power connector for the pump is sleeved. Cooler Master even went so far as to heat shrink the end to keep its overall appearance neat and tidy.

The Seidon 120XL from Cooler Master has high and low notes, but its generally clean look is nice to see. Adding to that are all the small things Cooler Master has done or added, like rubber gaskets and sleeved wires. They make for a nice, presentable product that should blend in fairly well. Those using the HAF series of cases will also find the pump top to fit the design theme of their case very well.
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