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Cooler Master Silent Pro M2 1000 W Review

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The packaging is rather large and features nice graphics along with a matching combination of purple and white colors. In the front, right corner we find the 80 Plus Silver badge along with the five year warranty logo while underneath there is a small text describing the copper-aluminium heatsinks used in the internals, the modular cabling system and the HDB fan. A small photo of the unit along with the capacity description can be found in the front, bottom left, corner. On the rear side the most important info is depicted on two charts showing the fan and the efficiency curves. Finally, the specifications of the M2 1000W and its power distribution table can be found on one of the box's sides.


Once we opened the flap a not so thick piece of packing foam greeted us. The PSU is located under it and is stored in a plastic bag. Additional pieces of packing foam are located all around the unit providing efficient protection even for worst case scenarios (delivery persons playing football with the boxes). The bundle includes a user manual, a warranty card, a set of fixing bolts, an AC power cord and the necessary modular cables. Unfortunately neither a storage pouch for the cables neither some zip ties are included.


CM's products enjoy a nice style/design in general and the M2 1000W is not an exception to this rule, of course. The side decals cover all of the side areas and while they do not feature fancy graphics their quality is exceptional. The large power specifications label is located on the bottom side so it won't pose a problem to the modders who want to show off the PSU through the side panel window. On the front a honeycomb design exhaust grill is used and a sturdy On/Off switch is installed beneath the AC receptacle. On the rear side the modular panel includes three sockets for the equivalent PCIe wires (each one includes two connectors) and five peripheral sockets. The fixed wires are only three and fully sleeved back into the housing and there is a grommet around the cable exit hole. The fan grill utilizes the usual design but it features a nice CM logo in its center, making it more attractive. In general the external looks of the unit indicates a high quality product and hopefully the internals will offer the same impression, too.
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