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Cooler Master Silent Pro M2 850 W Review

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At the front side of the package, the series description is highlighted by lightnings and bolts. In the top right corner, we find two badges for the Silver efficiency and the five year warranty. In the bottom corners, CM mentions the capacity of the unit along with some of its noteworthy features.

At one of the two sides, a table is given with the specifications of the unit along with a smaller table describing the power distribution of the rails. At the top side of the box, we find only the series description and Cooler Master's logo in a purple background.

At the rear side, there are only two graphs, showing the efficiency and fan voltage/speed curves along with a brief, multilingual, featured description. There is, usually much more information about the product on this side, but CM apparently didn't want to add any more details onto the packaging.


Two pieces of packing-foam surround the PSU - the latter is wrapped in a plastic bag. As you can see, the contents of the box are neatly arranged but the bundle is, unfortunately, poor, since CM didn't include any Velcro straps or some zip ties for cable management tasks.

Along with the PSU, you will get only the necessary modular cables, an AC power cord, a set of fixing bolts, the user's manual and a warranty card.


The look of the PSU is plain but the finish is nice, although prone to fingerprints. On the two sides, the large and simple decals take over the entire real estate. On the rear side, we find few modular sockets with the PCIe ones clearly distinguished by the peripheral sockets. The native cables are, thankfully, fully sleeved back into the casing and there is also a grommet around the cable exit hole to protect them against the edges. At the front side, a honeycomb style exhaust grill is used and a large on/off switch is installed under the AC receptacle. Finally, the specifications label is installed at the bottom side of the PSU and states that the unit is ATX 2.31 compliant even though it only has one +12V rail (ATX 2.31 standard demands at least two +12V virtual rails).
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