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Cooler Master Silent Pro M2 850 W Review

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Ripple Measurements

In the following table, you will see the ripple levels that we measured on the main rails of the Silent Pro M2 850 W. According to the ATX specification, the limits are 120 mV (+12V) and 50 mV (5V, 3.3V, and 5VSB).

Ripple Measurements
Cooler Master RS-850-SPM2
Test12 V5 V3.3 V5VSBPass/Fail
20% Load29.1 mV8.6 mV7.2 mV6.0 mVPass
40% Load44.8 mV12.1 mV7.2 mV6.4 mVPass
50% Load49.9 mV14.1 mV7.6 mV7.7 mVPass
60% Load54.2 mV17.0 mV7.9 mV7.8 mVPass
80% Load67.5 mV20.4 mV9.5 mV8.7 mVPass
100% Load85.2 mV22.5 mV10.7 mV10.1 mVPass
Crossload 127.8 mV20.6 mV7.7 mV6.4 mVPass
Crossload 284.9 mV8.2 mV9.3 mV7.9 mVPass

Ripple suppression on the minor rails and at 5VSB is very good, but this is unfortunately not the case for the most important +12V rail. On the latter, ripple exceeded 80 mV during full load and CL2 tests, a reading that we rarely see with good quality units. As it seems, Enhance needs to improve the +12V filtering stage in order to restrict the ripple at much lower levels (<50 mV).

Ripple at Full Load

In the following oscilloscope screenshots, you can see the AC ripple and noise that the main rails registered (+12V, 5V, 3.3V, and 5VSB). The bigger the fluctuations on the oscilloscope's screen, the bigger the ripple/noise. For all measurements, we set 0.01 V/Div (each vertical division/box equals to 0.01 V) as the standard.

Ripple at Crossload 1

Ripple at Crossload 2

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