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A Closer Look - Outside

Fresh out of the box the Enforcer looks great. The large side window is well protected and the exterior displays a kind of armored look. Initially I'm impressed with the looks and design of this chassis.

Lining up the case the front has a nice rugged armored look. Definitely not a minimalistic approach to straight lines or flush depths; no this case is designed with a gamer in mind. The front does have a bay door cover that swings open for access while the backside is rather standard.

A large side panel window is included in the Enforcer. The large window is great for showing off all the inner workings. The back side of the case is completely metal and flat. It would have been nice to add a small recess within the back side panel to allow for easier cable routing, this can be avoided however by simply extending the width of the case a bit however this case doesn't allow for much depth past the motherboard tray.

Taking a closer look at the front we see the two distinct 'zones'. The bottom is perforated to allow maximum air access for the large 200 mm fan. The top is dedicated to the optical or floppy drive homes. The top of the front is guarded by a front bay door which swings open in only one direction. The door is rather large and kinda bulky. Behind the door are four potential 5.25" bay homes with one specifically designed for a 3.5" device.

Turning the case around to focus on the back we see the bottom mount power supply design. Placing the power supply at the bottom of the case allows the finished build to be stable and have a lower center of gravity, a big help incase of an accidental bump. The center holds the PCI brackets, all of which are perforated with square holes. Interestingly an additional PCI bracket was placed vertically, this is exceptionally useful for the included wire-locking PCI bracket. It can also be used for a fan controller slot or additional USB bracket. The top displays the exhausting 120 mm fan near the IO port. The top also includes three grommetted holes for water cooling or exterior cable routing.

The other ends of the case do have some interesting features worth mentioning. The bottom is designed with four rubber feet and ventilation for the power supply area while the top has plenty of room for a single 200 mm fan or two 120 mm fans. At the top of the front is the standard supply of switches and connectivity. A visible power switch is at the center but the reset switch requires the door to be opened. Two USB 2.0 ports are up front as well as two USB 3.0 ports. Lastly microphone and headphone audio jacks are provided. After building and using the Cooler Master Enforcer I found myself setting items in the small flat spot towards the front. It's a great place for USB drives, CDs, headphones, or any small device to keep tabs on.
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