Cooler Master Storm Sentinel Advance Gaming Mouse 10

Cooler Master Storm Sentinel Advance Gaming Mouse Review

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Nothing is spared when it comes to marketing the mouse, the box is very flashy. The most useable aspect of the box is that it seems quite durable.

Besides the mouse you get a PCI back plate which can be used as a cable winder, and of course the essential driver disc. The driver disc is half the size of a normal CD much to one's annoyance since not all drives are good at playing the small ones. The best drivers are downloaded anyway.

Closer Examination

The mouse looks pretty radical due to the mesh and the relatively large OLED screen just south of the scroll wheel and middle button setup.

Button wise the Sentinel will not let you down. It has a total of eight buttons if you include the scroll wheel push function. All of the main buttons have nice rubberized coating on them which makes them nice to touch. The scroll wheel is kind of funky looking with its indents, however, it lacks sufficient tactile feedback in order to be really useful in all types of games. Despite that this mouse it featurecentric it lacks horizontal scrolling which is a shame.

On the bottom-side the Sentinel is well designed. The mouse feet are huge and make the mouse feel balanced to use. Also worth noticing is the sensor which is placed close to the center of the mouse, which is great.

The cable and cable entry look quite sturdy. The cable unfortunately features a quite stiff woven cable jacket which is known to cause problems. Another annoying feature of the cable is the length at only 1.5 m it is simply too short when you have the PC on the floor and a big desk.

Like all the other gimmicky gaming mice on the market today the Sentinel features a weight system.

All of those LEDs do make the Sentinel light up like Las Vegas. The LEDs are a little too bright for my liking and have a tendency to upset your eyes especially if you are gaming in a dimly lit room.

At the front of the mouse there are two small Polycarbonate covered holes with a three color LED behind each. This makes the mouse an excellent flashlight, one which of course can only be used within 1.5 meters of a USB plug.

From the side you can clearly see the natural rubber thumb rest which I have to say is a nice touch. It makes the grip feel secure right up until you get some sweat on it. The positioning of the back and forward buttons is definitely suboptimal. Even though it is not clearly visible on the picture above, the buttons are positioned on a vertical plane for themselves rather than on the slope where your thumb rests. Positioning along the horizontal axis is good enough, fits both people using tip and palm control.
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