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CM Storm Stryker Review

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Cooler Master ships the CM Storm chassis in a full color package. While this is great, it seems like the image of the case is outdated. As we will see later on, the side main side panel has a large mesh grill as is on the package itself. In the rear you will get an insight about the interior of the Stryker enclosure. Both sides hold some additional information along with an image of the chassis, this time from another angle.

Cooler Master has placed the the Syrofoam spacers in the front and rear of the chassis. This choice keeps the overall dimensions of the package to a minimum, allowing to stuff more of these cases into a container and thus save on shipping costs. Both spacers were in pieces, but the chassis was perfectly fine.


You will receive a brown box filled with eight plastic hard drive trays. Most manufacturers install these within the chassis instead. A bag with an 8-pin power cable extension, all the screws and 3.5 inch rails is also part of the case. These are actually hidden somewhere within the case itself as we will see later on.
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