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Cooler Master V Series 1000 W Review

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The package doesn't feature a gaming design or vivid colors like those of most CM products, but a rather serious theme instead. The front has a dark photo of the PSU with the modular panel exposed, and the CM logo and the 80 Plus Gold badge are scattered across its upper corners. We also find the capacity description, given in extra-large fonts, and a brief description of the unit's most crucial advantages.

One of two sides has the unit's technical specifications and the power specifications table. The other sides, shown in the photos above, only feature the model number.

The rear has a description of all available connectors, a brief multilingual features description, two graphs showing the unit's efficiency curve with 230VAC and 115VAC input, and the fan's voltage and speed curve.


The external sleeving hides a plain cardboard with CM's logo on top of it. The PSU inside of the package is well protected by packing foam. The unit is also inside a velvet bag; a luxurious note Seasonic products usually come in.

The user's manual is a folded piece of paper and is common to all three V models. The rest of the bundle includes an AC power cord, a set of fixing bolts for PSU chassis mounting, and a pouch that stores all modular cables, which we will examine in detail below.

All modular cables except for the ATX one are flat, and all of them are stealth (they only use black-colored wires). They are of good quality and flexible enough to allow for effortless cable management.


The unit has a nice light, matte finish that doesn't attract fingerprints easily and is fairly scratch resistant. The front has a honeycomb-style exhaust mesh next to the AC receptacle and on/off switch. The sides sport the model number along with the CM logo, while the rear's real estate is mostly taken up by the fully modular panel with its numerous sockets. The power specifications label is installed at the bottom, and the top has a nice octagonal fan grill with its rounded edges. All in all, the V1000 has an appealing look which, while not terribly high-tech, will still attract most users that don't like/want a transformer-like PSU (e.g. XFX Pro Series 1000W).
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