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Cooler Master has gone with the ever so popular trend of red and black on the V6GT's box. On the front we find the V6GT logo along with a list of compatible sockets the cooler can be used on. An image of the cooler can be found on the sides of the box. The top of the box has a teaser graphic that is quite aggressive looking.

Detailed product specifications and graphics can be found on the bottom of the packaging as well as a list of features. Opening the top of the package, which is secured with two small pieces of Velcro, we catch the first glimpse of the V6GT that awaits us inside. Very nice packaging from Cooler Master here.


Included in the box is a small white box that contains the necessary mounting hardware. Cooler Master supplies hardware to mount the V6GT to AMD AM2, AM2+, and AM3 Sockets as well as Intel 775,1156 and 1366 Sockets. Also included is a well detailed instruction sheet with instructions in no less than eighteen languages and of course, warranty information as well.
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