Cooler Master V Series 850 W 5

Cooler Master V Series 850 W

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The V850 comes in a box that utilizes the same design as the V1000, so the classic photo with the modular panel against a dark background is there. The 80 Plus badge is in the top-right corner while CM lists the most crucial features of this PSU inside of a silver frame beneath it. Right next to the aforementioned frame is the model number, highlighted in large white and yellow font.

The specifications table is located on this side, along with the power specifications table.

Here, CM directs you to their official page for more detailed information.

The rear has a visual list of all available connectors but no word on their cable length. You will also find a brief multilingual features list and two graphs depicting the efficiency and fan speed curves. According to the second graph, the fan is only fed 4 V at up to about 80% load, and our readings verified the 4 V at normal ambient. Noise output is then greatly reduced.


The PSU is protected by a sturdy cardboard box and two thick pieces of packing foam. The contents of the box are neatly arranged.

The PSU is bagged into a luxurious cloth bag, a nice touch we like to see in this category. The bundle includes a nylon pouch for the modular cables, an AC power cord, a set of screws for chassis mounting, and the user's manual common to all three V units.


The finish of the V850 is nice and looks surely appealing, at least to us. The silver frame around the fan helps and fully modular PSUs are generally much more photogenic than semi- or non-modular ones. The small on/off switch is located right next to the AC power socket, and modular panel in the rear has many sockets; however, not all are occupied by the provided modular cables of the V850. Finally, the specifications label is located at the bottom of the PSU.

The PSU's dimensions are those normal to a 850 W unit. Its external quality is very high since its OEM, Seasonic, pays extra attention to such matters.

Every cable but the main ATX one is ribboned, which makes routing these inside a case easier. Not only will you be able to route them inside the case easier, but ribboned cables also block airflow much less than traditionally round ones.

Following the recent trend, CM went with stealth cables (aka all wires are painted black).
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