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Coolink Corator DS LGA2011

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A Closer Look

The Coolink Corator DS LGA2011 is a dual-tower design using one 120 mm fan to do the active cooling. It is a fairly large cooler but doesn't enter the realm of ridiculous proportions by only using one fan.

The Corator DS LGA 2011 tries to keep noise under control with the single fan setup, but it also goes beyond that by offering long anti-vibration strips down the inside of both fin stacks. This ensures a tight fit of the fan with the help of metal clips, which reduces fan vibrations and noise.

The base on the Coolink Corator DS LGA2011 is flat and makes use of Gapless Direct Touch technology (GDT), which is an evolution of Heatpipe Direct Touch (HDT). It uses the same general idea, but GDT offers a solid flat cooper base with no space between heatpipes. This should provide better cooling and will make spreading thermal paste easier as those gaps won't have to be taken into account. Each aluminum fin also has built-in spacers for better heat transference between fin and copper heatpipe.

We finally get to the fan Coolink is using with the Corator DS LGA2011. The fan designation is SWiF2-120P and has a color that is not going to be for everyone. That said, it being installed between the dual fin stacks means that most users won't see the fan once the cooler has been installed and the motherboard mounted into the case.
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