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Cooltek C3 Review

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Value & Conclusion

  • The Cooltek C3 sells for 55 euro with a solid side panel and 60 euro with a window - including taxes.
  • Sleek, clean looks
  • Very light
  • Good construction quality
  • High quality I/O and power-button PCB
  • Very compact chassis
  • Can hold fully sized ATX PSU
  • Long GPUs will fit
  • Tower cooler should fit
  • Can hold up to three hard drives
  • Basic dust filter on underside
  • Available in black or silver (with or without a window)
  • Cooling potential of the chassis is limited
  • Fan-mounting locations on side are not very useful
  • Only USB 3.0 I/O
  • Bottom dust filter requires you to tip the chassis over
  • Space within the chassis could have been used to offer more HDD-mounting possibilities
The Cooltek C3 is a really nice-looking, extremely compact, and light chassis. Its sleek lines and a thin, but well-constructed frame only add to the build quality. The Cooltek "powered by Jonsbo" C3 is a bit of a unicorn ,though, as other manufacturers, like Lian Li, do not seem to be interested in creating a mATX chassis of this form factor. Every case of this type I could find was for Mini-ITS motherboards, which leaves the C3 as the unchallenged contender when it comes time to buy an aluminum chassis of this type. That said, the enclosure clocks in at a very reasonable price by essentially costing as much as the Lian Li PC-Q03 while offering a better bang for your buck.

There are no big issues with the C3, but if I have to put two at the very top of my list, I would pick the wasted possibilities in terms of cooling and the somewhat useless position for its two optional 80 mm fans. It would have also been nice of Jonsbo to at least place a 120 mm fan-mounting possibility into the ceiling, so as to allow users to add a second cooling unit with which to pull hot air out through the top, while cool air is being drawn into the chassis through the floor. The two 80 mm fans on the side will also be partially covered by the PSU, though it is still nice to have such a spot for some additional airflow.

Yet with all said and done and the fact that more HDD placement possibilities would have been nice, the Cooltek "powered by Jonsbo" C3 is one beautiful and functional case. With the ability to hold long GPUs, a 120 mm tower cooler, or, as we did, a 120 mm liquid-cooling setup, it will not only make for a nice HTPC, but an extremely light and compact gaming rig. A long and powerful PSU will also obviously fit to properly feed all the components within.
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