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The Cooltek Coolcube is a miniscule chassis. Let us point to the elephant in the room, given it is made purely of aluminum. Lian Li has a heap of various mini-ITX cases and the Coolcube is comparable to their PC-Q03 case. The Cooltek case is considerably cheaper, clocking in at 50 euro compared to the 70 euro of the PC-Q03, but it lacks the slimline ODD bay. In terms of build quality, the Coolcube is just as good as Lian Li's alternatives. Now that this is out of the way, let us continue. One thing you will notice is the weight of the chassis or the lack thereof; it weighs in at a mere 1.1 kg.

Taking a look at the front of the case, there are no openings to be seen. A fairly large power button and the Cooltek logo are the only noticeable hallmarks of this area. Turning the case around, it becomes apparent that the Coolcube utilizes a fully sized ATX power supply. Interestingly enough, the case also offers two expansion slots, while Mini-ITX boards never have more than one. The main side panel is perforated completely, acting as a vent for your PSU if you choose to install it with the fan facing outward. Last but not least, the other side panel is completely solid as well, but it houses the case I/O.

This I/O consists of one USB 2.0, one USB 3.0, and the usual audio connectivity. These are not actually placed behind the panel, but poke out a tad bit, which does not look as clean while still working well. One quite embarrassing aspect of the chassis is its logo. It has, as you can clearly see in the image above, been stuck onto the case crooked. This is an eyesore, as the Cooltek branding is quite large. Once again, this is a cosmetic fault, so it won't affect usability or functionality.

Tipping the Coolcube over, the underside of the chassis reveals the location for 2.5 or 3.5" drives. You may either install two small units or one of each.

Taking a closer look at the rear, the two expansion bays are protected by individual covers that are in turn secured by thumb screws. Next to the standard opening, you may install up to four 40 mm fans if you want to tickle the most cooling performance out of the Coolcube. The PSU bay comes with two sets of mounting holes, which gives you the flexibility to install the unit with the fan facing out or inward.
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