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Corsair Professional Series Gold AX 650 W Review

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The box that contains the unit is quite large, especially if we take into account the PSU's compact size. In general the package is similar to the ones of the other AX units. On the front we find an angled photo of the modular panel along with the model number of the PSU, in the bottom right corner. The small Gold efficiency badge along with the badge for the seven year warranty can be found right under the model description. If you want to learn more about the available cables/connectors and the unit's features and specifications then you should take a look at the rear side of the box. There you will find two interesting graphs, one for the output noise and one for the unit's efficiency. In the first of the afore-mentioned graphs we can see that the PSU goes fanless at low loads. Actually the fanless operation is more temperature related than load related, meaning that if the PSU is running cold at low ambient then it will operate in fanless mode even if the load is high. On the contrary if it is quite hot and the ambient is high then the fan will engage even at low loads (<130W). This is of course the best thing to do since following this pattern the components of the unit are not stressed by high operating temperatures.


The internals of the box are protected really well by two thick layers of packaging foam. On top of that the unit comes inside a plastic bag and is stored in a luxury cloth bag. We are talking about full protection here. In a nylon pouch you can find the modular cables along with a small bag containing several zip ties and a Corsair badge. The rest of the bundle includes a user's manual which is common for all AX units, an AC power cord and a set of fixing bolts.


As we already stated the unit's dimensions are restricted, something that of course is a benefit since it will easily fit in most cases. The finish is of high quality, fairly scratch resistant but not so fingerprint proof. On the front there is the classic honeycomb style vent and next to the AC receptacle resides an On/Off switch. On the two sides the decals are rather simplistic and serious but after all the name of the AX series includes the word "Professional". The power specifications label is located on the unit's bottom side so it won't bother the modders. On the rear side we meet the modular panel which does not feature any labels or at least colors for sockets identification. Thankfully it is dead easy to find the right socket for each cable so you can't go wrong here. Finally, the 120mm fan is protected by a simple fan grill which features Corsair's logo on its center.
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