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Corsair AX860i 860 W Review

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The package is exactly the same as the one the AX760i comes in. The only difference is the different model number, which can be found near the bottom, right corner. The badge for the Corsair Link software, the 80 Plus Platinum certification, and a close shot of the unit's fan grill, featuring Corsair's logo as its center, are on the front of the package.

A lot of interesting information for the avid user (or the reviewer!) is available on the rear side of the package. For starters, two graphs illustrate the unit's efficiency curve and the fan's operation profile. Corsair has, contrary to the corresponding graph of the fan telling us that it will engage at 20% load, informed us that they actually tuned the fan controller to engage the fan after around 30% load. Their new boxes will display the right graph. This side also has a brief overview of the Corsair Link software, the digital control-system of the PSU, the seven-year-warranty badge, and, finally, the power-specifications table.

On top of the box is a useful list of all available cables/connectors that equip the PSU; with their length. The useful self-test switch is also mentioned here.

The most interesting thing here is definitely the table that lists every Corsair PSU series with each series' most crucial features. Corsair's current flagship is the AXi.


Once you open the box, you will find the user's manual, which is common to all AXi PSUs, the warranty-guide leaflet, and a notice that asks the user to download the Corsair Link software from the product's official page since no software disc is provided. This is due to the fact that Corsair updates their software frequently; downloading the software off their site ensures that a buyer has the latest version installed.

The PSU is very well protected by two thick pieces of packing foam and comes in a nice velvet bag.

A large pouch holds all modular cables and the rest of the bundle, which includes an AC power cord, several zip ties, a case badge, a set of fixing bolts, and a piece of an adhesive rubber-pad.

This bag holds the Corsair Link USB dongle and the cable that connects it with the PSU. Unfortunately, the dongle can only be installed on a USB header, since no adapter that would allow you to connect it to a normal USB port is included.

Some screenshots of the Corsair Link software that we took during the test sessions. You can read more on the Corsair Link software suite in our AX1200i and AX760i reviews.


The AX860i looks quite nice thanks to its nicely designed fan grill; the grill does manage to grab one's initial attention. The other sides follow usual design guidelines, and we are met by the classic honeycomb-style vent on one side, while small decals illustrate the unit's model number on the other sides. Things get interesting again on the rear side since the fully modular panel features lots of sockets; most of these have identification numbers that are useful during the configuration of the Corsair Link software-suite. The screws that Corsair chose to use with all AXi PSUs are, as you can see, not the standard ones. You will need a special screwdriver if you want to remove them, which would, however, mean losing the seven-year warranty. Finally, the specifications label is installed on the bottom side to make sure it doesn't interfere with the view in windowed cases.

You have to connect the Corsair Link cable, which allows you to control and monitor the PSU through the corresponding software, with the communication port. The pressure switch shown in the second photo is called a self-test switch, and will, while you press it down, have the fan start up and the LED turn green; an indication that everything is working properly.
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