Corsair Crystal 280X RGB Review 10

Corsair Crystal 280X RGB Review

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Corsair ships the Carbide Crystal 280X RGB in a compact, but simple cardboard package. It comes with an image of the chassis on the main side and a blow-up diagram of it on the other, giving you some much-needed insights into the enclosure. Both sides list the enclosure's specifications, and you will also find a sticker to let you know which color variant of the Carbide Crystal 280X RGB is within the package.

Two fully engulfing foam spacers hold the enclosure in place, while a plastic bag has been pulled over it at the factory, so rest assured that it will arrive without any fingerprints or scratches.


Corsair includes a few cable ties, separate bags of sorted screws, a hex tool, and hex screws. The latter are meant to allow you to secure the glass panels in a way that prevents people from getting to the hardware in a public setting. This is a positive departure from Corsair's previous implementations. On top of all that, there is a detailed manual to help you assemble your system.
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